Rates and Fees

There is no cost to use our site. We are not a lender and do not provide lending services directly. We are paid by lenders in our network for referring you to their lending services. Even if you turn down the loan or exit the loan process at any time, our loan finding service remains free.

There may be fees attached by our lending partners in conjunction with the loan.

Our terms and The Truth in Lending Act requires that the participating lender we match you with discloses all loan fees and interests rates you will incur should you accept the loan. The lender will provide you with a document that includes such fees. Please review the fees and interest rate information carefully before you consider a loan.

You are under no obligation to accept the loan and may exit at any time if any of the terms are unsuitable.

Interest Rates.
Your interest rate will be determined by the participating lender. The rate will be determined by the information you submit and the terms of the lender. This website has no input on the amount of fees or the interest rate. Because our lender partners lend to individuals with bad credit and provide the loan quickly, the interest rates are higher than traditional banks. You will have the right to review your rates and fees before closing the loan. If any terms are unsuitable, you are under no-obligation to continue with the loan and can exit at any time without fee or penalty.

Late Payment Policy
The lender we connect you with will have their own policies pertaining to late payments. Per The Participating Lender’s policy, they will include the additional charges you will incur for being late on your loan schedule. Once you have signed the loan documents, you will be expected to adhere to the loan terms and make timely payments and contact them regarding any update in your situation.

Failure to Pay / Non-Payment Policy:
Failure to pay the loan or refusal may result in legal action against you by the lender. We are not the lender and only provide referral services.

Loan Renewal Policy:
Some states do not permit loan renewal. In states where rollovers and/or extensions are permitted, other fees may incur as a result of these features. The policy regarding rollovers will be included in your loan signing documents. Please review them before signing.